Adelmar Ramirez, Ph.D

About Me

I have experience teaching Spanish at all proficiency levels, as well as Latin American histories and cultures. I have degrees in Psychology and Creative Writing from the University of Texas at El Paso and a Master's in Hispanic Studies from UCLA.

I grew up in the border town Ciudad Juárez, México, where I developed an interest in the representation of violence in fiction and poetry. As I studied marginalized local news reports from the history of Juárez, I discovered the links between even the most benign stories and the patterns of violence that surrounded them. My book, Fuera de temporada (Out of Season) (2017), is a reflection of my experience living in the borderland.

I am passionate about teaching, and my background in psychology informs my approach to classroom instruction; in structuring every course, I consider the essential principles of behavior that shape human learning. Psychology also helps me use measurements and assessments to determine what students know and how far and how fast they have progressed. I constantly strive to build upon these learnings to provide the best educational opportunities to every student.

What I Do


My research focuses on the representation of gender violence in contemporary literary works, and its relationship with misogyny and the inequality gap between the richest and poorest people. Because inequality can unbalance a society over the long-term, I study how authors depict polarized politics and expose deep sources of discontent.


My teaching philosophy is based on a Six Sigma principle I learned from my father: the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) process. By monitoring behavior and gathering regular feedback, I assess the progress of my students and identify the areas in which they need further instruction. Gathering data in this way allows me to fine-tune the curriculum and meet the specific needs of each student.

Cataloging & Indexing

In addition to researching and teaching at UCLA, I worked as a cataloger and indexer at the Shoah Foundation at USC. I was responsible for the process of describing, analyzing, and classifying interviews with survivors and witnesses within the Guatemalan Genocide Archive.


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